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Latest projects


"Rights of Nature – a vehicle for sustainable development? Operationalisation and critique from an international and comparative law perspective". Research financed by the National Science Centre, Poland; grant no. 2021/43/B/HS5/01839.

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Durabilité et le droit

"Durabilité et le droit. Perspectives internes et internationales". PHC Polonium project, financed by Campus France and Polish Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA).

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RoN Talk

"Rights of Nature – a solution of Europe?". Una Europa Talk, Brussels, 15 November 2022.

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Discussions about prospects for sustainability research in the US

Data: 30.09.2022 - 11.10.2022
Discussions about prospects for sustainability research in the US

We visited our partners in Washington D.C. (CUA) and in New Orleans (TU) to talk about prospects for transatlantic sustainability research and explore good practices for cooperation with non-academic stakeholders.

A delegation of four employees of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University, led by Dean Jerzy Pisuliński, has visited Washington D.C. and New Orleans to explore the potential for new transatlantic research groups.

We had a series of research-focused meetings with representatives of our long-term partner university, The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. CUA and JU have over thirty years of experience in leading programs of American law in Kraków, which have been a significant didactic success (read more). We now hope to translate this success to an equally fruitful cooperation in terms of scientific projects, creating valuable links with research centers at CUA. Additionally, we had a possibility to participate in events celebrating the 30th anniversary of our cooperation and meet many alumni.

In New Orleans we visited Tulane University, a reputable academic institution with plenty of experience in interdisciplinary research projects and cooperation with the socio-economic environment. The contribution of TU Law School to solving local sustainability dilemmas has been particularly interesting due to extensive collaboration with non-legal experts. Apart from discussions with researchers, meetings with representatives of local authorities and organisations, and presentations of the institutional framework, we took part in a sustainability-focused campus tour and a trip focused on environmental changes in the Mississippi Delta. We have taken steps to solidify and concretize our research cooperation, which in sustainability-related topics will be closely linked to the Tulane Institute on Water Resources Law and Policy.

Initiative of Excellence – Research University logo.These actions have been supported by funds from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University under the Strategic Programme Excellence Initiative at Jagiellonian University.

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